Foreign EP's 7"

An EP (extended play) is a 7" single with more than 2 tracks. EP's are often more rare than ordinary 7" and so they may be more valuable.

Here you'll have a collection of uor exciting EP's.

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Item no. Format Artist Title Label Record no. Country Year Shape Price Dkr.
S486 EP Shocking Blue, the Best 6 (CS) Polydor KP 2020 JAPAN   VG+/VG+ 95
S451 EP Reeves, Jim Die ou Kalahari RCA EPA 9107 Germany   VG+/VG+ 65
S425 EP Davis, Sammy Jr. Encore! Reprice EPRR 5618 Holland   EX/EX 120
S426 EP Dirfters, The Can i take you home little girl SCOOP 7SR5013 Germany 1975 EX/EX 100
S427 EP Steele, Tommy The Tommy Steel story No. 1 DECCA DFE 6398 Denmark   VG/VG+ 100
S428 EP Presley, Elvis Tonight's all right for love (-PS) RCA 86.285 France   VG 60
S430 EP Boone, Pat Star Dust DOT DEP 559 Sweden   VG/VG+ 80
S431 EP Boone, Pat A date with Pat Boone DOT DEP 523 Denmark   VG+/VG+ 100
S432 EP Boone, Pat Bernadine DOT DEP 521 Denmark   VG+/VG+ 120
S433 EP Clark, Petula Hallo Dolly Vogue EPL 8251 France 1964 VG/EX 95
S435 EP Wirklund, Gunnar Romantica BFB BFB 1041 Sweden   VG+/EX- 85
S439 EP London, Laurie The cradle rock Odeon GEOK 190 Denmark   VG/VG 70
S440 EP Jones, Tom Daughter of darkness Scoop 7SR 5004 Germany 1983 VG/VG 50
S443 EP Who, The Long live rock Polydor 2229 213 Germany 1979 EX-/VG+ 65
S444 EP Baez, Joan Donna donna Amadeo AVRS EP 15612 Austria   VG+/EX- 100
S502 EP Belafonte, Harry At christmastide RCA RCX 163 UK 1958 VG/VG+ 60
S508 EP Cole, Nat "king" Two in love (part 2) Capitol EAP2-420 Norge   VG/VG(+) 60
S520 EP Cole, Nat "king" Around the world Capitol EAP 1-813 Denmark   VG+/VG+ 100
S521 EP Belafonte, Harry This land is your land RCA EPA 2695 Germany   VG(+)/VG+ 70
S1394 EP Amen Corner Bend me, Shape me (RI) Decca F 13897 UK 1968 VG+/VG+ 50
S1395 EP Francis, Connie My heart has a mind of its own MGM MGM-EPD 113 DK   VG+/VG+ 85
S1495 EP Rohde, Jan Universal Soldier Juke Box JSEP 5544 Sweden   VG+/VG+ 95